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Welcome to Hidden Waters Nature Park. It is located in Marshfield, Mo on scenic US Rt. 66 (The Mother Road), Webster County Mo Rt. CC, and Hubble Drive, Marshfield, Mo. The park entrance is marked with a sign. As you enter the drive into the parking lot, note the house on the left. This is the future home of Hidden Waters Nature Park's Welcome Center. Once you park your vehicle you will be entering the Hunter Addition of Hidden Waters.

Visitor and Education Center

As you enter the Hunter Addition of the park you will see the dominant feature, the Callaway Family Cabin, built in 1853. If the Cabin is open you may want to pick up a park brochure to guide you along the way. The walk around Hunter is one fourth mile of hard paved surface; the trails through the rest of the park are on compacted rock. Concrete benches and trash containers line the walkway. A stream runs behind the trees on the back and left sides. As you enter on the left you will walk past a Butterfly Garden. Approaching the Callaway Cabin you will note the porch from which the musicians play for the Music in the Park. When you walk the trail on the right side of Hunter you will come to a garden, at which point there is a trail leading on to the Hidden Waters Addition.

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Hunter Gallery
Callaway Cabin
Hidden Waters park section

After crossing a wooden ramp you enter the Hidden Waters Addition of the park. This was the original portion of the park purchased in l998. Keeping to the right on the Arrena Beckner Memorial Trail you can walk completely around the original Hidden Waters Addition. Starting down the trail on the right you walk by the Master Gardener's Garden maintained by Lib Sims and her husband Bill. They could be there as you continue the tour. Next you cross over a wooden bridge. Looking below on the left side of the bridge you will see the historic Burford Spring. This is the largest of the fourteen springs in the park and it flows constantly; others depend on the weather. Just past this point a trail leads to the left to the Blinn memorial Water Fowl Sculpture. Further down beyond the meadow you will come to the Eula Nelson garden on the right and across from the ponds. If you are touring in April you can see a gorgeous display of Virginia Bluebells. A rock grotto is located in the garden where you can sit in the comfort of the shade. On the opposite side of the trail is a spring that was once used by a dairy farmer to cool the milk. Continuing south on the trail you will cross over the stream and then continue north keeping your feet dry by means of a boardwalk. At the far end is the original parking lot and entrance to the park; it was indeed hidden. To the left and back over the stream on the Watters Bridge there is a deep pond fed by the Burford Spring. Further up is the entrance back to the Hunter Addition. Going back to the south end of on the right side trail we enter the Watters Addition.

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Hidden Waters Gallery

The Watters Addition to the park was named after Jack and Etta Jean Watters. Jack was an alderman in the city of Marhfield, and it was he who spearheaded bringing Hidden Waters Nature Park into the Marshfield Parks system. Jack and Etta Jean were great supporters of the park. Most notable in this addition is the rock bridge to your left leading to the Hidden Bluffs Addition. Walking ahead you will approach the wedding pergola and the trail that surrounds it leading back to the bridge.

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Watters Addition Gallery
Watters Park Addition
Hidden Bluffs Addition bridge spring over rock formations

Crossing the Rock Bridge you enter the Hidden Bluffs Addition to the park. The trail goes upward to a junction; to the left is the Rock View Nature Path and the perimeter trail continues straight ahead. If you choose the Rock View Nature Path it leads by a rock garden on the left that is enhanced with a variety of flowers. Continuing on the right is a large hollow tree that is the home of an owl family. If you are lucky you might spot some of the owl family if it is the right time of year. Many sandstone boulders are featured before the Rock View Nature Path rejoins the perimeter trail. Back at the junction you may have chosen to continue on the perimeter trail. At this point you should be looking to the top of the trees and you might see a pair of falcons nesting. The perimeter trail goes from tree filled to densely filled woods. As you continue on the trail you will come upon a rock out-cropping on your right, the prominent feature of this addition. You can get a better view of the bluff from a path leading from the top of the bluff. The perimeter trail has now turned left and is leading you down along Massey Street. You will come upon the intersection of the Rock View Nature Path and then complete the tour as you go on down to the Massey Street Parking Lot.

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